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Phone A Friend

Sometimes we just need a little guidance with a job or project we're doing to get us back on track. If you're stuck and need a fellow sewers advice, use me as your Phone A Friend and book in with me for a 30 minute Online SOS session.

Sewing Advice

Can't remember which foot to use for a particular job or how to do that blind hem technique? Maybe it's zips that are causing you grief, or having threading issues. Any sewing sticking points, let me know.

Embroidery Advice

Having trouble with an embroidery design or is a difficult fabric stopping you progressing with your embroidery project? Some embroidery machines have so many features we can't remember them all so a refresher on an unused button can be useful too.

Overlocker Advice

Iron out those niggles you have when using your overlocker and get some 1:1 online guidance. Forgotten how set your machine up for a rolled hem or how to disengage the blade? Let me be of assistance.

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