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PE Design Tuition

I've put together some of the most popular areas for PE Design embroidery software tuition to give you an idea of what we can cover during 1:1 session. We're not limited to this list so if there is anything specific you need to cover, just let me know.

Absolute Beginner

For those who are completely new to embroidery software or need a refresher. We'll start at the very beginning going through fill stitches, outlines, finding the built in designs, text editing, alignment, importing designs etc

Converting Images

The main purpose of the software is to convert images into stitch data and there are a few ways of doing this depending on the original image and the outcome required. We'll go through all of these methods and explain the differences.

Photo Stitch

One of my favourite things to digitise is photographs, and one of the most popular things I'm asked to demonstrate. We'll look at selecting the best photo, adjusting the photo before digitising and afterwards to get the best outcome.


Text is one of the key areas in any software package. We'll cover standard text and how to edit it, micro text, monograms, creating your own fonts and adding new ones to your list.

Digitising Manually

Sometimes it's quicker and simpler to digitise a design from scratch. I'll take you through the steps to create your own designs manually, sharing some of my tips and tricks along the way.

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