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Embroidery Machine Checklist & Troubleshooting Guide

Has your embroidery machine jammed up.... AGAIN??!!

Use my Embroidery Machine Checklist & Troubleshooting Guide to help you to...

- stop second guessing

- save time and money

- know what to look for

- fix problems quickly & easily

- build confidence using your machine

- get back to doing the bits you love!


Embroidery Stabiliser Checklist

In my opinion, one stabiliser doesn't fit all.


Different fabrics have different properties - woven, knitted, heavy, lightweight, translucent etc so use a stabiliser to suit.


Stabiliser is used to help support the fabric while being embroidered so as a very general rule, the lighter the fabric, the more help it'll need.


A fabric like denim won’t be affected by heavy stitching, as much as organza would be. But then, organza is also translucent so you probably won’t want to leave the heavy stabiliser behind afterwards…


Use my Embroidery Stabiliser Checklist PDF to help you to work out the properties of your fabric, design and desired outcome or purpose of your project, and discover which stabiliser would be best to use.

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