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Embroidery Machine Tuition

I've put together some of the most popular areas for embroidery machine tuition to give you an idea of what we can cover during your 1:1 session. We're not limited to this list so if there is anything specific you need to cover, just let me know.

Embroidery Basics

For those who are starting their machine embroidery journey from scratch or would like a refresher. We'll go through threading the machine, bobbin winding, changing needles, machine care, getting started.

Stitching Out

Running through the whole process of stitching out an embroidery design including hooping up tips, selecting a design, combining designs, editing, changing colours on screen.

My Embroidery Tips

I'll share with you my tips and tricks for achieving the best results from your embroidery - things I've picked up and discovered during my time working for Brother and helping thousands of customers nationwide.

Embroidery Level Up

Your embroidery machine can do so much more than just stitch out the designs built into the machine. We'll cover downloading new designs, saving them to your machine, applique, in-the-hoop, free standing lace and so much more.

Stabilisers & Thread

We'll delve into the wonderful world of stabilisers and thread. I'll explain the various types of stabilisers, why they're different, what jobs they perform and which are my favourite. We'll also discuss threads - the good and the bad - and I'll share my recommendations.

Basic Maintenance

All machines require some basic maintenance and a bit of TLC. I will run through the kind of maintenance you can do yourself and advise on servicing and where to go.


We will go through some common sticking points that everyone comes across at some point during their machine embroidery journey. Things like hooping up garments, design density, design / fabric / stabiliser combinations, etc. Also we can cover any issues you have been having with your own embroidery, just let me know.

 ** Please note **

Due to a change in circumstances, I'm not currently booking in any new dates for in person one to one sessions.

If you are interested in booking a one to one session with me, please click the big button below to send me an email, and to be added to the waiting list. Once I am able to begin taking bookings again, I'll be in touch on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

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