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Buying a new embroidery machine? Read this first...

So, you're thinking of buying a new embroidery machine? Maybe you have one already and you've outgrown the hoop size (this happens SO much!), maybe you're completely new to machine embroidery but want to give it a go, or maybe you're needing up upgrade to a multi needle machine.

Whatever your position or situation, I have spent over 10 years helping people to buy the machine that is right for them, their needs and their budget so, this is without doubt my area of expertise! Before jumping in and buying the first machine with a deal online or the one your friend has got, consider these points...

1. Maximum hoop size

Check out the embroidery area (this is much smaller to the actual size of the hoop itself) and make sure this is going to be enough for you. This is the one thing you can't (usually) change on an embroidery machine and a 10 x 10cm hoop might sound like enough, but measure it out and then see. It's not that big and I'd say 90% of people outgrow this size of hoop within the first year. Save yourself some money and buy a machine with a larger capacity first time around.

2. Research

Do some research on the brands you like and the features you want it to have. Look out for features such as...

- jump stitch trimming (saves you having to cut all the jump stitches manually)

- slide on hoops (much easier to attach and the machine will usually recognise the hoop size for you)

- Fully automatic needle threader (does what it says on the tin!)

- Combining designs on screen

- Colour screen

- How you add designs (could be USB, transfer cable, WiFi)

3. Consider an embroidery only machine

There are more embroidery only machines available now than ever, and if you go down this route, you'll get more embroidery machine for your money because you're not paying for the sewing machine side too. If you're considering a combination machine, look at the next option up and see if the embroidery only is a similar price. It usually is. If you don't need a sewing machine too, it's a great option to go for a stand alone embroidery machine. If you don't have t