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NEW Brother USA 2023 Line Up!

It is always this time of year when we start to hear rumblings of new Brother products to be launched this year, and earlier this month, Brother in the USA announced their new line up for 2023!

They always launch their new products a little before the UK (who usually launch mid September) and in the past, you really couldn't be sure if the UK would be launching as many products, or even if they’d be anything like them. But since Europe regained the licence to include official Disney designs on their machines a few years ago, the USA models are usually very similar, nearly always with a different model number and cosmetic. So, we can look at this launch and be fairly confident that we'll be getting similar models here in the UK.

So, let's have a look at what they're launching over the pond and see if we can predict what that will mean for us in the UK.

Luminaire 3 Innov-ís XP3

The new upgraded version of the Luminaire has been launched in the USA, coming with all three upgrades built in (the two previous upgrades and a shiny new one!) In the UK, they usually launch the upgrade on its own, rather than a whole new machine, so you can decide which upgrades you'd like to buy and install yourself. But I have to say, I'm loving this new dark grey styling of the XP3, I really hope they do bring out the new machine as well as the upgrade! Don't panic if you have already invested in a Luminaire, you will be able to purchase the latest features for your Luminaire with the new upgrade 3, more details on that below.

New features include…

  • New edge to edge quilting designs - set hoop size and required quilt size and it'll work it all out for you, helping you to reposition each hooping with the camera & snowmen

  • New extra large designs with auto rehooping with snowmen

  • Couching filled letters

  • New extra long stitch designs