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Madeira Delivery!!

I have recently become a Madeira Brand Ambassador! Not Madeira the place or the wine (I do love Portugal & a fortified wine!) but the world renowned embroidery supplies company which, for me, is equally as exciting as a holiday to Portugal!

I have used Madeira products for many years and have always admired their huge range of thread types, the variety of embroidery stabilisers and all the extra tools and gadgets they offer too! They literally have everything you could ever need for embroidery, so ordering my first batch of products to try out as an ambassador was, well - it was a bit like I was a kid in a sweet shop!

I decided to go in head first with the stabilisers as there are so many that aren't as well known out there in the embroidery world so I was keen to try these out. Such as...

  • Avalon Fix Film, self adhesive water soluble - game changer!!

  • Super Film, heat dissolvable - just magic!!

  • Weblon Stable, a sturdy iron on cutaway that doesn't show through the fabric - heaven!!

And many others but I won't go into too much detail now. I'll save that for another blog post!

So the next thing on my wish list was threads. Now, I could have gone absolutely crazy here but I knew I wanted to try out a few of the different types before committing too heavily with one type, so I went for a smaller box of different kinds of threads so I can give them all a good test and compare. Just from unbox