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New To Machine Embroidery? Get My Checklist & Troubleshooting Guide

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I often get asked the same questions from people starting out on their embroidery journey. Also, the same issues and solutions tend to crop up too. So I thought I'd put together a checklist and troubleshooting guide to help any embroidery newbies (or anyone who is struggling with their machine) to get back on track.

My free guide will help you to...

➤ Stop second guessing

➤ Know what to look for

➤ Learn how to fix problems quickly & easily

➤ Save time and money

➤ Get back to doing the bits you love!

So, what does the guide include?

We'll go through the main areas that often get people stuck, put a few popular misconceptions straight and offer solutions to common issues.

Download and use the checklist and guide as many times as you need to. As an added bonus and in addition to the guide, you'll also receive my Machine Embroidery Fundamentals! You'll receive 5 in depth fundamentals to follow for machine embroidery - something every machine embroiderer should read!

I'd love to hear if the guide and my fundamentals have helped you with your machine embroidery. Leave me a comment below...

Thanks for reading!

Rachel x

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